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Improving Your Instagram Posts

Instagram uses three independent algorithms to determine what your customer sees. The first one determines what is seen in the feed, with recent content taking priority. The second is searches, which is based on activity and the popularity of posts. The third is Instagram stories. This is different than the post feed. Instagram stories algorithm looks at the interaction with your story, with live video and IGTV getting the higher priority.

There is debate on if the Instagram algorithms like daily posting. Experts tend to say daily posting doesn't help, but I have seen local businesses gain likes from daily posts. I suggest that you experiment to figure out what works best for you and your business.

Hashtags on Instagram are a good thing. Jenn Herman, an IG Guru, suggests 10-20 hashtags per post. Always use your brand hashtags (#bushnellmedia), use a trendy or themed hashtag (#backtoschool), use content related hashtags (#IGTV), and industry related hashtags (#socialmediamanagement). You should also consider following event hashtags that pertain to your business (#socialmediaweek), and hashtags for hobbies or interest that relate to your business (#supportlocal). Instagram stories and IGTV can have hashtags in them too - use that to your advantage!

Instagram is photo and video based. The average Instagram user want to see pictures and video. They do not want to read a lot of text.

Trial and error will help you improve your Instagram posts. You can do it!

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