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Instagram Profile Tips

Look at your Instagram profile - THIS IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION!

Five things to look at:

1) Instagram uses only your name and user name in searches. Is your user name easy to search for? If you are a local business, like a photographer, do you have your area in your name?

2)The profile picture is so small on Instagram. Can you customer tell what it is?

3) Your bio description is usually read only once. Is your tagline in your profile? Does your profile describe or show what you do and who you are? The only

hashtag in your bio should be the one for your brand, otherwise you are sending people away from your business!

4) Is the URL for your webpage in your bio? Consider having a call to action right above it in the description. For example - "Click below to buy today!"

5) Is your contact information in the bio?

(Thank you to Jenn Herman for inspiring this blog post.)

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