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Overview of Coeur d'Alene's Social Media Week - 2018

Did you know that 74% of purchases are being influence by social media?

Shop-able Media, where you can click on a link to buy something while you are watching a video is poised to explode. This blew my mind since I perceive that social commerce is already a big thing, but more than one speaker at CDA's social media week said it is going to grow even more.

Due to more people streaming what they watch, videos on Facebook and Instagram are growing like crazy. Think about it, how many shows do you watch on the big networks? How many shows do you watch on Netflix, Hulu or Facebook? My favorite show to watch, besides Pioneer Woman, is Returning the Favor by Mike Rowe. His show is only on Facebook. People under 30 want to watch the news instead to reading it. Recording videos, and going live is going to give your business more growth in the long run.

Organic and/or unpaid reach is coming to an end. Social Media platforms are in the business of making money and they will be moving towards a pay to have your content seen. This makes sharing content you like, much more important than it used to be!

The search engine optimization of your business is affected by all your social media accounts, not just your webpage. If your business is not on social media, you are missing out on getting your name up in search engine results.

Consider using Bushnell Media to assist you with your social media management!

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