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You Need a Social Media Policy

With 87% of Americans using social media, we all need to have a social media policy.

You probably already have one for your personal accounts. It isn't written out or is in your head. Think through what you are comfortable with posting on your social media accounts and what you are not. That is a good place to start when you are thinking through what a social media policy should be for your business.

Treat what you do online with as much care as your physical/real life. Don't post anything you wouldn't want your grandma reading. Don't post anything you wouldn't want to be a trending post the next day on social media.

Make sure to check the privacy settings on all your social media platforms at least twice a year. (This applies to both personal and business accounts.) With constant updates and changes, you need to make sure that your privacy settings are where you want them to be. This is also a good time to look over your profile and make changes.

Even if you have high privacy settings on your social media accounts, potential employers or clients can get an idea of who you are from looking at your social media profile.

If your business does not have a social media policy, consider writing up one. I recommend going to your favorite search engine and search for - social media policy template. This policy can be on your webpage. Please contact me if you would like Bushnell Media to help you write up a social media policy!

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